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The Torque Tester is a compact equipment with a high load capacity, being able to check torque wrenches...
High technology, practicality and ergonomics summarize well what the Rollform of M.Shimizu represents....
Head with position adjustment, design realized upon customer need....
Anticipate actions so that these equipments could be fit for this new phase in the industry......
Baterization it´s the newest concept of most of industries, more and more battery tools gain space on assembly line of industries....
We count on your visit to our booth at the Expomafe 2017 trade fair....
Our objective is focused on the guarantee and satisfaction of our clients and in the excellence of...
The M.Shimizu attend the fair Feimec 2016, a new event representing the machinery and tools industry....
It is with great pleasure and honor to inform you that M.Shimizu Industrial Tools was contemplated by the FCA group in 2014 as the best supplier...
Mitsuru Shimizu, owner of a metallurgical industry who left Sao Paulo city is now moving to ABC Paulista...
Still in preparation and subsequent discussion at the Technical Chamber of Employability of Persons with Disabilities...
Did you know that M.Shimizu, in addition to sales, also conducts training courses about your products offered? ...
Our team of technical consultants are extensively trained to develop together with you, the customer...
Come visit us at the fair Mechanics, 2014 at Anhembi. Days 20 to 24 May - Stand C900...
Operating in the Brazilian market since 1980, manufacturing testing, measuring, electrical...
So far as the most advanced technology attachment to the world market, Bob Tail Huck ® system was designed to provide...
We developpment a Conversion Table for assist when you need to convert an unit....
Developed by M. Shimizu, the is the first differentiated tool implemented in a production line...
Volkswagen announced on Wednesday, September 5th, the winners of the Supply Award, which recognizes its suppliers...
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Power tools  >  Fastening tools  >  Impact wrench
M.Shimizu - Electric impact wrench pistol type
Electric impact wrench pistol type - Code: TW (Makita)
Lightweight and comfortable, with variable speed controlled by a trigger of the gun type. Anatomical, compact body. Ergonomic, rubber-coated handle. The carbon brushes can be accessed externally, for easier maintenance. Heavy duty model, for a fast tightening of nuts and screws. Long life aluminum gearbox. Convenient screw balance f...
More about Electric impact wrench pistol type
M.Shimizu - Impact wrench
Impact wrench - Code: SI-8200 (M.Shimizu)
The most powerful and durable electrical impact wrench in the market, with high torque / weight ratio and capacity up to 1,000 Nm.
More about Impact wrench
M.Shimizu - Impact wrench gun type GDS
Impact wrench gun type GDS - Code: GDS (Bosch)
• 500 watts of power; • 70-250 Nm tightening torque; • Electronic, reversible switch; • Unique V-Groove system: A mechanism with low torque return to the operator; • Ergonomic: its center of gravity lessens pain to operator's hands.
More about Impact wrench gun type GDS
Power tools  >  Cutting / drilling tools  >  Hedge trimmer
M.Shimizu - Hedge-cutter
Hedge-cutter - Code: UH (Makita)
Features a powerful 500-watt engine; it is lightweight, with high stability. Noise reduction for quieter operation. Both hands can operate the device during the cutting operation.
More about Hedge-cutter
Power tools  >  Cutting / drilling tools  >  Milling machine
M.Shimizu - Junction miller
Junction miller - Code: PJ7000 (Makita)
Designed to carve rabbet slots in wood, with high production speed. Six depth levels for #0, #10 and #20 wafers. Elongated body with superior handle for better grip. Blade box with depth, height and angle settings, and easy adjustment at 45 and 90°.
More about Junction miller
M.Shimizu - Straight miller
Straight miller - Code: 3501N (Makita)
Two combined tools: circular saw and miller for edges and straight channels. Powerful 1,160-watt motor. Easy depth adjustment. Metal body for increased resistance and longer life.
More about Straight miller
Power tools  >  Cutting / drilling tools  >  Drill
M.Shimizu - Manual drill with magnetic base
Manual drill with magnetic base - Code: WOJ (Nitto Kohki)
Manual Drill with magnetic base and internal lubrificantion system, causes increases the durabilty of the cutter. One-touch cutter replacement, replacement is quick and easy with our unique push fit self-centering cutter system. Security System When na excessive load is applied to the cutter, both the drill and the feed motor will ...
More about Manual drill with magnetic base
M.Shimizu - Semi-automatic drill with magnetic base
Semi-automatic drill with magnetic base - Code: WA (Nitto Kohki)
The dual sensing system responds to both drilling and feeding forces on the cutter for the optimum cutting condition. After the cut has finished, a detector responds to the reduction in load and both the drill and the feed motor automatically stop. The return to original position is done by the operator. One-touch cutter replacement, rep...
More about Semi-automatic drill with magnetic base
M.Shimizu - Automatic drill with magnetic base
Automatic drill with magnetic base - Code: QA (Nitto Kohki)
The Drill feeding is controlled by an onboard microcomputer. The feed rate begins slowly and then increases to the appropriate speed for cutter size and load condition. The load detector cleary shows the amount of resistence on the cutter at anytime. Both drilling and the return is done automatically. One-touch cutter replacement, replac...
More about Automatic drill with magnetic base
M.Shimizu - Electric angle drill
Electric angle drill - Code: DA3010F (Makita)
Compact and lightweight, with 1.4 kg only, for difficult-to-access sites. Only 66 mm at the gearbox area. Added lighting system. The chuck has been placed crosswise to the machine, enabling activities in tight areas. Speed increase limiter. Trigger at the far end. Automatic lighting system.
More about Electric angle drill
M.Shimizu - Electric gun drill
Electric gun drill - Code: 64 / DS (Makita)
Compact, lightweight and powerful; Ergonomic, rubber-coated handle; Models with fast change chuck or with chuck key; Variable, reversible speed.
More about Electric gun drill
M.Shimizu - Electric hammer drill gun type
Electric hammer drill gun type - Code: HP (Makita)
New side reversal system: extended lifetime for carbon brushes. no power reduction occurs during reversal. Large trigger at the switch. High power: up 1.010. Ergonomic, rubber-coated handle.
More about Electric hammer drill gun type
M.Shimizu - Gun drill GBM
Gun drill GBM - Code: GBM (Bosch)
• Locking key for serial drilling; • Slim Line handle: better grip and safety; • Mechanical speed switch.
More about Gun drill GBM
M.Shimizu - Hammer drill, gun type GSB
Hammer drill, gun type GSB - Code: GSB (Bosch)
• Compact for easier work and handling; • High drilling capacity - 16 mm in concrete; • Hammer or hammerless drilling system; • Soft grip handle for increased comfort and ergonomics.
More about Hammer drill, gun type GSB
Power tools  >  Cutting / drilling tools  >  Shear wrench
M.Shimizu - Shear wrench
Shear wrench - Code: 6922 / 692 (Makita)
Anti-slip mechanism: The tool only starts pressing when the internal socket engages in the screw's body. Ejection system: the body of the controlled torque screw is ejected from the machine's internal socket. Lightweight and compact, with high reliability. Rubber guard to protect the tool's body. A high torque is applied to the contro...
More about Shear wrench
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