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M.Shimizu - Industry 4.0 - What is it and where is M. Shimizu inserted?

Industry 4.0 - What is it and where is M. Shimizu inserted?


- The weather forecast is for rain in two days;
- The government needs to increase ethanol stocks by 10% by the end of the harvest;
- The value of sugar is expected to increase by 3% by the end of the harvest;
- The supplier of inputs does not have enough stock for peak production;
- Two valves and two frequency inverters critical for plant availability are scheduled for maintenance in one week ...

Imagine all this data, communicating online, in a single database of the ethanol and sugar production plant, in the power plant, we have a scenario where decisions are made all the time.

The same can be said for our work environment, imagine a grain surplus that will demand the manufacture of Harvesters and Trucks and that the installed Industrial capacity would not meet in time, the total of this demand, one of the outputs would be the acquisition of these Products of another country or that the main manufacturers would fit in record time so that the availability of the productive equipment was maximum. Given this information integrated with the maintenance and calibration contracts, we would have the possibility to anticipate actions so that these equipments could be fit for this new phase in the industry, besides having mapped the bottleneck points in these companies, and thus to propose a solution In the production process to accelerate this particular station, such as a multiple-grip system.

Or, the clamping systems automatically assume a faster clamping strategy without compromising quality, for example by increasing RPM during tightening.

Then the SYSTEM is based on the decision-making process and automatically sets up the production control variables, changing parameters of the Logic Controllers (PLCs or DCS), pulling the production to contingency the expected increase in production, directs the maintenance activities, Inventory and bottleneck improvements, contingency purchase of alternative supplier inputs, these decisions were made, all automatically, based on a Big Data database.

This is the industry of the future, this is Industry 4.0

Regarding the products that M.Shimizu makes, Electronic Tightening System, Phoenix Wi-Fi Torque Wrench, MSqnet Traceability Software, Rework Torque Bench, all are in the same communication base that easily fit within this new Scenario of Industry 4.0, and one of these products, our Data Management Software and Processes MSqnet TPC, is a fundamental part of the tool that proves Big Data's decision-making.

M.Shimizu and Industry 4.0

Meet some solutions from M.Shimizu for the industry:
Electronic Tightening System
Phoenix torque wrenches
MSqnet Traceability Software
Torciometric bench
Torque Transducer

By Roberto Cano

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